My Influence Map

This was originally posted on July 5, 2014 
As fox-orian explains in his influence map template:

As an artist, you are influenced by things. The reason why you do what you do is the combined application of all the things that influence you.

With that in mind, let’s make an influence map of the kind of games I want to develop. For now, I’ll limit myself to traditional  RPGs, for I’m not planning to develop a strategy game in the next couple of years. If you see a strategy game in this, it’s not here for its “strategy” elements.

Here you go:

Honestly speaking, I was too lazy to write the names over the squares (mainly because I’m using gimp now, and I only know how to do that in Photoshosp, and…yeah). Now I’ll write a little bit about the games I chose and the reasons behind it.

Just remember I’m using a Left to Right — Top to Bottom sequence:

  1. Final Fantasy 6
    1. Sublime Elements (As I said…I’ll have to explain this one later)
    2. Innovative combat system
    3. Beautiful Music
  2. Pokemon
    1. Easy to learn but hard to master combat system
    2. Breaking RPG conventions
  3. Sweet Home
    1. Mixing RPG mechanics with different genres
  4. Super Mario RPG
    1. Innovative gameplay and mechanics
    2. No random Battles
  5. Hybrid Heaven
    1. Original Combat System
    2. Original Setting and plot
    3. Interesting Plot
    4. No Random Battles (as far as I remember)
  6. To the Moon (Not really an RPG though… my bad)
    1. Narrative oriented gameplay
  7. Planescape Torment
    1. Sublime Elements
    2. Narrative approach & player options
    3. Interaction with NPCs
  8. Earthbound
    1. Polished gameplay, mechanics, and interface.
    2. Original Setting
    3. No Random Battles
    4. Breaking RPG Conventions
  9. Final Fantasy 4
    1. Beautiful Music
    2. Emotional Moments (i.e. Becoming a Paladin)
  10. Ultima Series
    1. Sublime Elements
    2. Strategic Battle Combat (without being a 100% strategy game)
    3. Interaction with NPCs
    4. No Random Battles
  11. Chrono Trigger
    1. No Random Battles
    2. Interesting Combat System
    3. Beautiful Music
    4. Interesting Plot Developments
  12. Megaman Battle Network
    1. Interesting Combat System
    2. Interesting setting
    3. Breaking RPG Conventions
  13. Ultima 4
    1. Trying to improve the world with a game
  14. Parasite eve
    1. Interesting Plot
    2. Interesting (and original) Setting
    3. Interesting Combat System
  15. Cthulhu Saves the World
    1. Interesting Approach to Random Battles
    2. Indie Role-model
  16. Xenogears
    1. Interesting Combat System
  17. Zelda: Majora’s Mask (This isn’t really an RPG bad)
    1. General mood, setting, and themes
  18. Mass Effect
    1. Interesting Combat System
    2. Interaction with NPCs
    3. Moral Elements

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